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Raising up the Unknown Prophets!

God is raising up prophets in the last days.  These prophets have been battle tested and humbled through adversity, hardships and attacks from the enemy. They have often been rejected by those closest to them and have learned to die to themselves. Too many of those called are hiding in caves because of past hurts, or lack of knowledge..  This ministry is devoted to raising up a prophetic people that will be commissioned to be God's mouthpiece in this hour.

How we can help:

1) We provide weekly online meetings where we personally pray and impart to people. Through the prophetic gift we are able to bless those that need encouragement and edification.  The prophetic words released often activate or re-activate the person to begin being used by God again. 

2) We provide a mentorship program for those that would like to be trained up in the prophetic. 

3) We provide a covering and ordination to those that God is raising up through prayer, accountability and relationship.

4) We sponsor prophetic events and gatherings for impartation and activation of the gifts of the spirit.

prophet michael bacon
School of the Prophets

Michael Bacon provides mentorship and prophetic training to people throughout the world. He is  an international prophetic revivalist that has mnistered in countries across the globe.  His heart is to see God's people restored back to what God originally planned for each person's life.  He is availble for travel for meetings and also provides prophetic training seminars, and workshops.

We hope you will take time today to view some of the online prophetic training Michael has done for the school of the prophets. Its an 9 part series that will help you if you are new to the prophetic or need a refresher course on what it means to move in the prophetic.

School of the Prophets Part 1

School of the Prophets Part 2

School of the Prophets Part 3

School of the Prophets Part 4

School of the Prophets part 5

School of the Prophets part 6

School of the Prophets part 7

School of the Prophets part 8

School of the Prophets part 9

prophet come out of your cave
This is a powerful book that will change your life.  I especially recommend this book to people who the enemy has attacked you and chased you into place of retreating or hiding from your call. I promise you this will bless you so much that you will feel inspired to come out of your cave and work for the Lord.

Click here to order your copy today.
To invite Michael Bacon to your church you may email him at or you may also submit a request by going
Join us every Tuesday night at 8PM EST with Michael Bacon who will be sharing a corporate word, praying for people as the spirit of God leads and releasing prophetic words of encouaragement.

Also, if you do not have a home church we invite you to visit us online Sunday mornings at 10:45am or you can visit us in person at Glory Tabernacle Church 120 weathers street, Youngsville, NC 27596

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